Education forsustainable development from the positions of the space program of the world educational system

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Luk'yanova A. A.*, Voeykova O. B.**

Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astaf'ev, 89, A. Lebedeva str., Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia



The formation of the educational system of the third millenium is under the scrutiny of the United Nations andin accordance with the adopted decisions therea new world educational model should become a universal mechanism to ensure the strategy of sustainable development of mankind.Education as the most important subsystem, providing stability to the whole world socio-ecological-economic system in the future, is the focus of this article.
The problem of transformation of the global educational system in response to the challenges of globalization and moved threat of antropologiekological catastrophe requires the selection and approval of new ideological and value attitude inside the existing educational system, support to which will make it possible to accomplish a passage to the most optimum civilizational development. Despite ongoing efforts in the introduction of courses sustainable development of all countries of the Bologna process and in educational institutions of the USA and Canada, the emerging system of education for sustainable development, based more on the idea of its ecologization not give the desired result.
For the permission of the prevailing situation, in the article it is proposed to turn to the traditions of the domestic thought, which was called name «Russian kosmizm». In the framework of kosmism gets new meaning the strategy of sustainable development as its basic principles are difficult to implement without the implementation of the key ideas of this conception, such as noosferizatsiya of public consciousness V.I. Vernadskogo or the idea of K. E. Tsiolkovskiy about the mastery of deep space for purposes of the solution of the problems of the overpopulation of the Earth and limitedness of natural and energy planet resources. Russian kosmists who stood at the origins of space science, and not only reflected in their works the fundamentals of cosmic world outlook, but also theoretically substantiated the transition to the humanistic-noosphere to the future of mankind. In connection with this contributors it is proposed to supplement the concept of the ecological education for purposes of sustainable development by the ideas of the «space program educational system».
Theoretical substantiation of the space program spinoffof modern education, proposed by the authors of the article provides a new look on the problem of realization of provisions of the strategy of sustainable development, strengthen the international education system to ensure sustainability of global socio-ecological-economic system in the future.
The separate theoretical positions represented in the article can be used for the development of strategy of educational establishment for the realization of the purposes of sustainable development in accordance with the recommendations of United Nations and UNESKO.


sustainable development strategy, education for the sustainable development, crisis of world educational system, Russian kosmizm, space program of education


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