Principles and scheme of creation of the system intended for measurement of pressure and its change rate in the trunk-route airplane

Aviation technologies


Kozlova O. A.*, O. **

Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev, KNRTU-KAI, 10, Karl Marks str., Kazan, 420111, Russia



The purpose of the research is to enhance sensitivity of the device that measures pressure and its change rate; to increase the speed of response and decrease discrimination threshold of the system intended for measurement of pressure and its change rate.
The paper considers the most known methods of measurement of pressure change rate. The analysis shows that the existing systems used for measuring pressure change rate have certain shortcomings. The systems, which make measurements based on pressure drop, are characterized by low sensitivity and substantial time lag. Other systems, which measure pressure change rate by deriving electric signal from pressure, are characterized by low interference resistance due to existence of high-frequency noise in output signal. The paper proposes the construction principle, which expands the functionality of the known methods via application of the convectional jet converter as the main converter of signal energy kind. The output signal of such converter is the mass rate of air flow, which contains information both about pressure and its change rate. The analysis is carried out and structural layout of a version of the system intended for measurement of pressure and its change rate is substantiated. The proposed version is based on convectional jet converter and is characterized by advanced metrological performance.
The proposed concept of pressure measurement system provides comfortable conditions in airplane passenger cabin. This is attained via improved accuracy and speed of response of the process of control and adjustment of gasdynamic parameters within the airplane cabin, in particular, via maintaining the given level of air pressure and its change rate.
The main problem of expansion of operation range of systems of gasdynamic parameters monitoring consists in widening the range of their invariance to the effects of thermal agitations. Additional research is required to solve this problem.
Acquisition of measurement information is based on information redundancy of the output signal of the anemometric-sensitive element, which acts as a basic element of the system sensor. Preliminary research of the model sample of the system sensor confirmed the possibility of its application within systems, which are intended for monitoring pressure change rate in airplane passenger cabin.
The scientific research results can also be used for information support during monitoring icing parameters of filtration probes of compressors of surface gas compressor stations and other gas-hydrodynamic objects.


systems, structure, gasdynamic parameters within the aircraft cabin, pressure, pressure change rate


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