Sliding rocket engine nozzle with electric drive for head extension

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Fedulov V. S.

Perm National Research Polytechnic University, PNRPU, 29, Komsomolsky Prospekt, Perm, 614990, Russia



The purpose is to develop the optimal law of head extension sliding for rocket engines nozzle. To maximize the effectiveness of the sliding nozzle usage, it is proposed to develop a controlled drive for the head extension, using a stepping electric motor with high torque, set in one of the links in the hinge-lever mechanism.
Offers of the theoretical study are based on the analysis of the Russian and foreign patented design developments of rocket engine nozzles.
The analysis of existing concepts of extension, which are used before starting the engine, was carried out.
Strengths and weaknesses of structures were identified with subsequent conclusions.
Based on the findings, it is proposed to create a new drive for rocket engines sliding nozzle with head extension.
It’s possible, for example, to apply the theoretical framework for the study of the control law to reduce impact loads to nozzle of rocket engines. Described method of head extension with the controlled electric drive allows to reduce significantly the impact loads at minimal time of head extension.
The present study provides a starting-point for further research in the field of rocket engines. The application of this electric drive is also possible for sliding nozzles of liquid and solid rocket engines.
The proposed scheme can significantly reduce the impact loads on structure and keeps high-speed characteristics of extension nozzle.
Moreover, it is possible to consider the nozzle structure in which the hinge-lever mechanism for extension with electric drive is installed on the inner surface of the bell that allows to drop the entire extension system after fixing the head in the operating position, thus reducing the nozzle mass.


nozzle, head, extension, lever, drive, loads, electric, hinge, speed


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