Experimental study on multiple turbulent supersonic impinging jets

Mathematics. Physics. Mechanics


Kudimov N. F.1*, Safronov A. V.2**, Tretiyakova O. N.***

1. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia
2. Central Research Institute of Machine Building, 4, Pionerskaya st., Korolev, Moscow region, 141070, Russia

*e-mail: itterasai@gmail.com
**e-mail: avsafron@tsniimash.ru
***e-mail: tretiyakova_olga@mail.ru


Supersonic impinging jet presents practical interest for land development of rocket launch gasdynamic. The multiple supersonic turbulent jets of rocket engines are extremely important for land development, especially because of the fact that there are no experimental data for this kind of flow. The typical cases of interaction between single jets and a barrier are considered in works [1-3], but tasks on interaction between multiple jets and barriers are still under-investigated whereas they are essential during the technical issues solution. Some of these tasks are considered in [4,5]. With respect to distance between nozzles and barrier there are complex three dimensional turbulent flows with subsonic and supersonic flows areas, rarefaction waves, shock and viscous-inviscid interaction in turbulent mixing layer.
This paper presents wall surface pressure distribution at various distances from nozzles to the barrier.
Analysis findings of experimental data can be applied during the development of rockets with multiple configuration nozzles. The obtained data can be used for the verification of calculation programs for determination of multiple jets gas-dynamic impact on various configurations.


experimental study, multiple jets, instability of flow


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