The comparative analysis of the shock-absorbing suspensions of payload on the movable platforms

Aviation technologies


Kuporosova E. S.1*, Milehin L. N.1**, Maksimov E. Y.2

1. Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev, 10, Karl Marks str., Kazan, 420111, Russia
2. Design Bureau of Navigation technologies, 34, Sibirsky Tract, Kazan, 420029, Russia



An oscillate-base shock-absorbing suspension of the payload on the oscillate platform.
Determination of the most optimal construction scheme for shock-absorbing suspensions of the payload on the oscillate platform. The mechanical movement model of the suspensions systems was developed by Lagrangian approach. The frequency-response characteristics of the models were researched by using the transfer functions. The disturbance motion of the shock-absorbing suspensions was simulated with the polyharmonic vibrations of the platform.
The operation quality parameters of the different suspension schemes are detected:
1) value of the amplitude-frequency characteristics;
2) root-mean-square error vertical coordinate for the shock-absorption object.
3) effectiveness factor of the vibration protection equal to ratio low bound of the frequency spacing of vibration to natural frequency of the shock absorption object.
This paper describes the different schemes developing of shock-absorbing suspensions of the payload with the oscillate platform. The best model parameters were reached for the three-stage scheme. This scheme has a following structure: shock-absorption object– intermediate frame (rubber cords), intermediate frame – support (rubber cords), support - platform (shock absorbers).


polygarmonic, shockproof suspension, payload


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