The increase of the probabilistic characteristics of the target information association by means of accumulation of made decisions

Control and navigation systems


Savchenko D. I.

Scientific production firm «Meridian», 9, Blokhina St., St. Peterburg, 197198, Russia



The association of targets data fed by few information sources is an effective way to increase comprehensiveness and reliability of the covering situation in the information and control systems of various carriers.
In the real systems the association task is being solved regularly, what gives an opportunity to increase the probability of making correct decisions using accumulation and taking into account previous association results.
The purpose of the research is to develop a decision rule and an algorithm meant to increase probabilistic characteristics of target data association from two information sources with the help of accumulation and taking into account the decisions made in previous invocations of the task.
A graph theory and combinatorial optimization were used in the work. The decision rule is made by the generalization of the majoritarian decision rule, and the algorithm is made by the reduction to the Assignment problem. Mathematical modeling and simulation were used to check correctness of the proposed approach.
The main results of the work are the decision rule and the algorithm meant to increase the probabilistic characteristics of the target information association. The complexity of the algorithm is polynomial and it is the most efficient algorithm compared to other known analogues.
Modeling and simulations with experimental data have proved the increasing of the probabilistic characteristics. Particularly the usage of the proposed algorithm for conditions described in the paper resulted in the same probabilities of correct decisions in situations where the distances between targets have been reduced in 1.2 times.
In the great number of being upgraded and developed information and control systems of various carriers the association of targets data fed by several sources task is solved by reduction for the number of solving the task association of data fed by two sources. In this way proposed algorithms could be used in the real information and control systems, where the processing and association of the targets data fed by the several sources tasks are being solved, including the systems of surface ships and vessels.
The proposed approach allows increasing the probabilistic characteristics of target information association without increasing complexity of the association algorithm, which consequence in the increase of the efficiency of the situation coverage and solving of the typical tasks for given information and control systems. It means that described approach could be useful in practice.


association, information sources, target situation, tertiary processing, information and control systems


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