Pressing questions of automation of delivery of supplies for aircraft after-sales service

Economics and management


Yampol'skii S. M.1*, Golovin V. Y.2**

1. Higher School of Economics, 20, Myasnitskaya str., Moscow, 101000, Russia
2. Experimental Design Bureau "Sukhoi", 23B, Polikarpov str., p/b 604, Moscow, 125284, Russia



The research is to provide the delivery of supplies for aircraft after-sales service.
Subject matter of work are pressing questions of automation of delivery of supplies for aircraft after-sales service.
The analysis of existing Russian and foreign systems of information support of processes of operation of aviation technics has shown, that these systems have the limited application for planning of delivery of supplies for military aviation technics as do not consider accidental character of the training and combat tasks solved by the maintaining organizations.
Objective of work is to improve the delivery of supplies management  on the basis of the automated planning. Thus it is offered to use the logistical approach to formation of the management strategy, consisting in integration of management functions into the uniform complex providing the maximal prize at the minimal losses.
The logistical approach in planning of delivery of supplies assumes reception of the actual information about required quantity of supplies for performance of training and combat tasks  at any time as required. For realization of such approach automation of processes of daily activity of engineering-aviation service is required.
In work the automated planning engineering-aviation maintenance of an aviation unit with use of a software "Forecast" is spent. In a basis of this software used the likelihood analytical model of the engineering-aviation maintenance processes created on the base of markovsky discrete processes with continuous time.
For performance of objectives of work the functional model of process of planning supplies developed and presented, as well as the numerical example of the automated development of a plan of engineering-aviation maintenance of training and combat tasks of aviation unit is considered.
As a result of automated planning the strategy of delivery of supplies is defined on a considered temporary interval.
Such task can be solved by officials of engineering-aviation service, as at a stage of preliminary planning of engineering-aviation maintenance, and during training and combat tasks.


delivery of supplies, material support, automated planning, model of the functioning, engineering-aviation maintenance, after-sales service


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