Formulation of optimization problem for ground launching devices

Aviation technologies


Sereda V. A.

National Aerospace University «Kharkov Aviation Institute», KhAI, 17, Chkalova St., Kharkiv, 61070, Ukraine



Ground launchers of unmanned aircraft vehicles with expansion machine for cold or hot working fluid and flexible transmission are main purpose of this article as well as formulation of optimization problem for ground catapult, which includes the boundaries determination of investigated system, the search for characteristic criterion, definition of intra-variable and model description.
Methodology consists of formulation of ground launcher useful function, drafting of factor matrix model, which consists of column matrixes of general and special settings and conduction of numerical experiments series for different values of parameters for common factor matrix as well as definition of dominant and secondary parameters of model by normalization of ground launchers configurations with the help of special modification criterion of artillery systems power.
It is selected the direction of dynamic performance improvement among the priorities directions of all types optimization of input systems in unmanned aircraft vehicles. Coupled physical-mathematical model of ground launcher was compiled. The numerical values of power modified criteria for various configurations of catapults were obtained. The conclusion about general parameters low impact on system useful function was made based on criteria. Inner optimization criteria were determined, which are the specific parameters of concrete input flight configuration (the transmission or drive).
Universal formulation of catapults optimization problem allows to use any method for solution to variational problem (direct or indirect). In the proposed formulation the optimization method allows to reduce the guided line length with maintaining of given flight velocity and start overload limit.
The problem of land dual catapults optimization based on gas-thermodynamically and mechanical model, which displays the non-stationary process in expansion machine, was posed for the very first time . The criterion of power caliber and super caliber artillery systems for terrestrial triggers for determination of their perfection was firstly used.


ground catapult, characteristic criterion, intra variables, variation problem


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