Issues of the aviation radar systems designing automation

Electrotechnology. Electromechanics


Anamova R. R.1*, Ripetskiy A. V.2**

1. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia
2. ,



This paper focuses on waveguide layout in the ground-based large-sized phased antenna arrays. Automation of the waveguide transmission lines designing is considered. Subject of the research includes routing methods and algorithms and its application to the waveguide layout meeting radio and technological requirements. The main purpose of the research is to optimize waveguide layout and to decrease design and engineering time and costs.
In the paper, it is justified that waveguide layout is a multicriteria optimization task. In this case, it is used decomposition principle. Waveguide layout is realized using topological-geometric method and consists of two steps: geometric layout and topological layout. The geometric layout stage includes layout under the condition of minimal lengths of the traces. At this step it is used linear-programming technique. The topological layout stage includes a correction procedure to obtain equal lengths of waveguide lines. A new method of equal length waveguide transmission lines routing is suggested. Proposed methodology includes calculation of the waveguide lines lengths and choosing the maximum length, definition of the clear connection field area to traces lengthening; unlocking of the traces fixation in the dedicated areas; correction of the each waveguide line length to achieve basic length.
Optimality criterion at this stage is minimum number of waveguide bends. There is proposed segment connecting field model which is based on adaptive radial grid. Using adaptive radial grid gives us following benefits: decreasing problem solving time, improving layout quality, random layout angle, adaptiveness of the grid.
The proposed methodology and algorithms are realized in the software module WDS (Waveguide Design Solution) based on SolidWorks system. The module is a Windows application which integrates both with MS Access (to import initial information) and SolidWorks system (to export output information). Field of Application of methodology, algorithm and WDS program described in the paper includes predesign and preliminary design of waveguide transmission lines located inside array structure.


route tracing, topological-geometric routing method, waveguide transmission line, phased antenna array, computer-aided design system


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