Installation of formation of press packets of brake disks of aviation wheels: from idea before implementation

Aviation technologies


Donukov I. A.1*, Maslov Y. V.2**, Mishchenko V. Y.3***, Triadskiy N. N.1****

1. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia
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3. ,



In article questions of development and creation of trial installation of formation of press packets of brake disks of aviation wheels from carbon — carbonic composition materials are considered. Operating experience of installations existing in the aviation industry revealed a number of shortcomings: non-uniformity of fibrous structure of a press packet, bad decomposition of carbon fiber, non-uniformity of submission of pitch, big duration of process of formation, high percent of spoilage, etc. New installation which allows to change essentially the diagram of submission and mixing of components of a press packet was developed for elimination of these shortcomings. Submission of carbon fiber of the guaranteed sizes directly from a zone is thus carried out are sharp also submission of carbon pitch directly from a grind zone in a zone of mixing of components. It allowed to provide stability of executed process, considerably to reduce overall dimensions of installation, to resolve environmental friendliness issues in a working zone. For support of process carbon fibers are sharp was essentially new installation is developed and implemented are sharp which feature is stability of support of the required length of a fiber, its rather low cost, and also possibility of fast readjustment at the required length of cut-off fibers.
Improved under requirements of technological process existing installation for grind of pitch allows creation of granules of pitch of the necessary sizes in case of support, in case of need, to possibility of readjustment on other sizes. Pitch submission directly in a zone of mixing allows to reduce considerably dust formation in case of grind and to exclude «stick together» of particles of pitch among themselves. The developed and implemented aggregates of installation allow to realize fast readjustment on different brands of applied materials that does developed installations of the universal.
The main features of the developed installation and its components are given in article. Also technological process of creation of a compound of materials of necessary quality is considered.
The analysis of existing technological processes of creation of press packets of brake disks and installations for their execution shows that the developed and implemented installation corresponds to world level of the industry.


composition materials, brake disks, carbon fiber, coal-tar pitch


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