Analysis of demonstration solar power space station layout scheme

Space technics and technology


Sysoev V. K.1*, Barabanov A. A.1**, Dmitriev A. O.1***, Nesterin I. M.1****, Pichkhadze К. М.2*****, Suymenbaev B. T.3******

1. Lavochkin Research and Production Association, NPO Lavochkin, 24, Leningradskay str., Khimki, Moscow region, 141400, Russia
2. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia
3. Kazakh National Technical University named after Satpaev, 22a, Satpayev street, Almaty, 050013, Republic of Kazakhstan



Development of space solar power station technology shows the necessity of demonstration space solar power station development based both on the available space-rocket equipment and on electro-optical technology. Laser emission is chosen as energy transmission channel, because it gives the possibility to receive focal spot of acceptable size.
The key factor determining power capacity of such demonstration space solar power station is the necessity of oversize transformable photoconverters design development at available SC with the relevant fairing.
Factors, which determine layout schemes of demonstration space solar power station various alternatives, are the following:
- the necessity for oversize photoconverters design and cooling radiator;
- the necessity for a system by means of which it is possible to adapt photoconverters and cooling radiators design for available rocket fairing;
- the necessity for oversize optical telescope installation on SC for laser emission transmission.
Four SC layout schemes of such demonstration space solar power station have being studied:
- SC scheme with unified hex module;
- SC scheme with unified quadrangular module;
- SC scheme with photoconverters' deployable curtain on the base of pneumatically rigidizable design;
- SC scheme with flexible photoconverters' deployable curtain based on solar sail principle.
Detailed design works on these variants allow to make an optimum choice of solar power station space segment layout.
However, performance of work on demonstration space solar power station will allow not only to perform flight tests of such space complex and receiving capable hybrid space solar power station.
Demonstration experiment in real outer space conditions is an integral part of space station preparation, because it is the only mean to confirm the possibility of decisions made during theoretical research.


spacecraft, satellite, laser


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