IP management in the actual corporate integrated structures

Economics and management


Kriule E. G.

Organization Agate, 18/1, Butyrsky Val str., Moscow, 125047, Russia

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Subject area of the case. IP management

Importance. The article is discussed the problems of IP management in actual integrated structures, including the creation, registration, state registration and commercialization of intellectual property; discussed the scheme of patent and licensing information exchange in the corporate integrated structures, which could apply in the aerospace industry.

Methods. The analysis of current law in the field of intellectual property, the appliance of the system method, including synthesis of patent and licensing activity experience in the companies of the aerospace industry and experience of payment remuneration to the authors of intellectual property.

Results. Three main stages of IP management are described in integrated structures:

creation of intellectual property, including encouraging creators of intellectual property;

registration of intellectual property, including enterprise registration, agency registration, state registration (receiving protection documents) and registration of protected intellectual activity results to accounting as intangible asset;

commercialization of intellectual property in different directions, including the use of protected intellectual activity results in its own production and stimulating inventive activity through the remuneration payments to authors for intellectual property use;

At the second stage of IP management is proposed the scheme of patent and licensing information exchange between patent departments in the corporate integrated structures. For making high-quality and timely IP management solutions by the main organization of integrated corporate structures suggested use a single database of intellectual property in this scheme. The single database of intellectual property is filled with information about own developments and created by organizations protected intellectual activity results.

Practical implications. The results of the study can be used to create an effective system of IP management in modern integrated corporate structures, including the field of aerospace industry.

Conclusion. The article has practical significance for creation a system of patent and licensing information exchange within creation or modernization IP management system in the corporate integrated structures. The provisions of article can be used in the process of education specialists in the sphere of IP management.


management of intellectual property, the integrated structure, industrial property objects, head patent and license department, patent and licensing information exchange, commercialization


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