Improving folded mechanical systems test methods

Rocket and space engineering


Romanenko I. V.

Compani «Information satellite systems of academician M.F. Reshetnev», 52, Lenin str., Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, 662972, Russia



Research area of work is large folded mechanical systems tests. During the on-ground tests it’s necessary to reduce gravity force activity on joints of mechanical system. Zero-gravity systems are usable for that purpose. Zero-gravity impact on test results and that may cause corruption of results.

Goal of research is entering of analysis of mechanical system dynamic that allows get information about mechanical system behavior, about working capacity, and set specification to developed test equipment for reducing its impact on test process. On test preparation stage analysis of dynamics is usable for finding of most effective test pattern. On test stage usage of suggested method allows effective test result analysis.

During execution of competitive work methods of analysis of mechanical system behavior in compliance with on-ground test conditions is done. Features of all main stages of modeling are defined, process of developing and verification of calculation model is done. Universal calculation models are composed. These models may be used for analysis of similar mechanical systems dynamic.

Work describes results of analysis of spacecraft solar array dynamic. Features of motion, main parameters of functionality and actual loads are defined with application of modeling on design stage. Most effective zero-gravity system for that test object is picked and specification for its key parameters is done. Calculation model successfully pass verification on test stage. Maximum loads in plane of weakness are defined with calculation model. Analysis of some test patterns for maximum loads definition is done and most effective pattern is chosen. Difference between computed value and test value is 5%.

Described method of analysis is applied for precursive analysis of test pattern in common time. Method is applied for test equipment design and also for large folded mechanical systems test. That will provide high quality of on-ground test in JSC “ISS”.


spacecraft, ground experimental test, deployment dynamic analysis


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