Automatic lidar-radiometric complex formation principle


Velichko A. P.*, Mechkov V. V.**, Perminov Y. I.***

Moscow State University of Engineering and Computer Science, 20, Stromynka str., Moscow, 107996, Russia



The structure of meteorological active-passive complexdeveloped by the authors is described. It determines the meteorological parameters of the atmosphere and cloudsby remote method.

The complex consists of the following measuring devices:
- infrared lidar determines the height of the lower border of the cloud to 7.5 km;
- lidar with linear frequency modulationevaluates the optical density of low-lying clouds and ground-level aerosol;

- infrared thermometer with scanningpartfixes radiation temperature of extended metaobjects.

The main parts of the complex are located on a common platform which automatically orients the measuring part tothree mutually perpendicular planes. The angular position is controlled by high-precision sensors inclinometer.

The operator can control the measuring complex from a remote locationby using the digital video camera for surveillance and Wi-Fi module for connection between the individual components.

Experimental datasare processed by a special program.It allows obtainingthe following characteristics: temperature and height of the lower border of the cloud, its water contentand liquid water content, the concentration of ground-level aerosol.

The complex is fully automated. Experimental datasare needed forshort-term forecast of development of the observed metaobject,as well as long-term weather forecast ina region. This development allows to obtain information about the object by remote method in real time. Mobile measurement complex can be used in various areas, including hard-to-reach.


lidar radiometric system, lidar, controller, inclinometer, digital compass


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