Method two-stroke spectral processing additional signals


Vdovin D. V.

Company "Ramenskoye Design Company", 2, Guriev str., Ramenskoye, Moscow Region, 140103, Russia



The development of modern radar systems in the field of aviation and space exploration is inseparably linked with the use of complex-modulated sounding signals. The object of study in this work is complex phase-code manipulated signals. The technical result of the work aimed at improving the performance of modern radar systems, such as resolution, speed and range of analytic detection range. Scientific novelty of the work lies in the proposed method of processing of probing signals. The aim is to develop a method for spectral processing of additional signals, alternating in time, eliminating the influence of the Doppler effect on the side-lobe level of the processing result.

The paper discusses detailed analysis of the influence of the Doppler effect on the agreed process additional signals considered by the example of the total treatment, developed a method of push-pull spectral processing additional signals, which eliminates the influence of the Doppler effect on the treatment result, a closer look at the device, based on the claimed method. It is shown that the industrial applicability of the proposed method is possible due to the fact that all the operations used in the feasibility of digital technology and software in the computer technology. The use of the method satisfies the conceptual design technology features modern radar systems in the field of aviation and space exploration.


radar system, resolution additional signals, additional signals, side-lobe level


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