Selection of parameters unmanned aerial vehicle vertical takeoff-planting increased range

Aeronautical engineering


Komkov V. A.*, Gudzev V. A., Kursakov A. V.**, Kharitonov S. V.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



The analysis of the parameters of small-size unmanned aerial vehicle vertical takeoff-planting increased range. Describes the objectives and tasks of the operation of this unit.

Created unmanned aerial vehicle vertical takeoff-planting aircraft is based on the aerodynamic design of the «flying wing», with integrated four horizontal lift fan of large diameter ranging in ring mines in the thicker portion of the wing. This greatly simplifies the management and load balancing modes, vertical takeoff and landing, as well as modes of complex maneuvers in flight.It also reduces noise and increases the safety during maintenance. Horizontal flight provides pullings crew propeller engine. Lifting force in horizontal flight mode is created with the end portions of the wing profile of the decrease in the relative thickness. Gondola payload and special equipment is located on the rigid suspension below the wing at the center, which provides (low alignment) additional stability in horizontal flight and take-off and landing.To stabilize the longitudinal horizontal flight at the top of the wing at the junction of the large and small parts, there are two vertical keel. Chassis — or four-wheel-type «slide».

The device is controlled via radio with remote control in manual or automatic modes. In automatic mode, the entire flight from takeoff and landing is performed without operator intervention.Flight was made on a previously set route.

In automatic mode implements the following features: automatic take-off, automatic landing, the flight of the programmed route, automatic return to the starting point, the mode of «hovering» at a given point, circled the object of interest in a circle with a given radius.

Ultralight carbon fiber casing, carboxylic and high foams gives high performance characteristics, which is very important for transport and targeted delivery of small loads. The design created by LA can increase the payload and flight range by increasing the wingspan.


aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing, unmanned aircraft, flying wing


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