Tomography method of position location and power rating of a source

Radio engineering


Samoilenko M. V.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



The paper presents a new tomography method of remote coherent sources signals processing. This method allows reconstruct 3D coordinates and power of coherent source by the spatial covariance matrix of received signals. This method was patented

Presented method consists in the following. The area under control, knowingly containing coherent signal sources, should be divided into spatial elements of resolution. The size of these elements defines the accuracy of precision of position location definition of the sources. Let us fix the coordinates of elements of resolution, as well as attenuation of radiation coefficients and phase advance, emerging due to spatial signals distribution from each element of resolution to antenna array (AA) elements. This prior information allows reconstruct the covariance matrix of the sources by the components of spatial covariance matrix of received signals.

The covariance matrix of sources is a special matrix, formed as an auto-covariation of the vector, containing the radiation from each spatial element of resolution. The diagonal of this matrix holds the radiation power of each spatial element of resolution. We determine position locations and power of the sources by the source matrix: if the value of a certain diagonal component is close to zero it means the corresponding element of resolution holds no source. And if a source is present in some element of resolution, the power of the source will be equal to the value of corresponding diagonal component.

The principle of the covariance matrix of the sources restoration bases on the new scientific direction — tomography approach in signal processing, which was invented by Professor, doctor of technical Sciences Vitaliy Ivanovich Samoilenko.

In the paper presents computer simulation results. The problem is examined in the plane of the leaner 7-element AA. Simulation results confirm the efficiency of the method.


tomography method, coherent sources, covariation matrix, location


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