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Logical set of control actions to be uploaded on-board a spacecraft to implement a singular control task is called a management procedure.

Problem-oriented languages allow define a management procedure as a script and run it during communication sessions with a spacecraft in automated mode for an unlimited number of times.

All control languages support execution of the following tasks: instruction issue to the spacecraft, setting proper time delays, different conditional tests, and several other operations, such as printing a message to an operator. Recommended functional tasks that should be supported by any control language are described in the following documents: Standard ECSS-E-ST-70-32C: Test and Operations Procedure Language (PLUTO); OMG SOLM specification.

Examples of existing control languages are Python, PLUTO, CSL, JOTR, STOL, TAO, CSTOL, CCL, JAS, ICL, Btscript, Cecil, CIL, TOPE/tcl, UCL, Elisa, PIL, etc.

As for control languages, there are no general tendencies: control languages can be general- and special-purpose, object-oriented and procedural, control scripts can be implemented sequentially and simultaneously, on the basis of priority, scripts can be run upon operator command and automatically, after reaching preset time and conditions.

The great majority of existing control languages aroused the problem of portability, when already designed and tested set of control procedures can not be used to control the spacecraft after control handover from one control center to another, without installing new control software and learning both new control software and control language. As a solution to the problem described, the new software was developed allowing translate control procedure texts from one control language to the other.


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