Control system for ulttrasonic piezomotors

Information and measuring and control systems


Bardin V. A.*, Vasil'ev V. A.*

Penza State Univercity, 40, Krasnaya street, Penza, 400026, Russia



 An object of the research is a control system for ultrasonic piezomotor (USPM) meant for high-speed stage of appliance for precision positioning of multifunction test equipment. The subject of the research is control signal frequency adjustment methods to varying USPM resonant frequency under the influence of external factors. The aim of this work is to develop USPM structure, electric circuit, as well as and USPM control methods with function of self-regulation without the use of external velocity and displacement sensors.


USPM control of is realized by feeding the piezoelectric elements with control signals shifted by 90°. Frequency adjustment of the control signal during USPM resonance frequency change is performed by measuring control signals amplitude at the USPM piezoelectric elements and keeping it within the working area of relationship amplitude/frequency near the value of the amplitude at the resonant frequency by stepping the output frequency of the controller.


We developed the USPM structure consisting of a stator in the form of a hollow cylinder with four surfaces clipped lengthwise with rigidly attached piezoelectric elements, and a rotor mounted in its hole. The USPM control circuit is also developed. During circuit operation the microcontroller generates and adjusts operating frequency of the control signal; current amplifiers and transformers amplify voltage input signals and form two bipolar signals, isolated from the digital part of the circuit; optocoupler with a resistive output element forms a low-voltage feedback signal, which is fed to the input of the integrated ADC of the microcontroller.

Practical importance We developed high-speed actuator control system for positioning device of multifunctional test equipment, used in combination with precision drive. This provides linear movement of the test sample along one coordinate with a resolution of a fraction of a micrometer with a speed of a several mm/s.


The developed control system of speed actuator of precision positioning device employs the original design, electric circuit and control method without the use of external feedback sensors to adjust the control signal operating frequency. This technical solution simplifies the design, improves the efficiency and performance reliability.


control system, ultrasonic piezomotor, stator, precision positioning


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