Minimizing the amount of data at the output of the analog-to-digital converters at a given conversion error

Radio engineering


Khodorovskii A. Z.1*, Nazarov A. V.**, Azarov A. V.2***, Magomedgadzhiev A. M.2****

1. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia
2. Central Scientific Research Radiotechnical Institute name of the academician A.I. Berg, 20, Novaya Basmannaya, 105066, Russia



The paper considers the issues of ADC parameters selection based provision of minimum of output data amount condition with specified converted signal recovery error. In contrast to amount of data reduction techniques (such as data compression) realized, as a rule, by digital stream output from the analog-to-digital converters processing, this paper analyses the possibilities of data amounts reduction during primary signal digitizing directly in the process of analog-to-digital conversion. Such an approach in fact supplements the existing techniques, since dataflow optimized by the abovementioned way further can be subjected to processing with traditional techniques.

The scope of the research was strictly defined while problem definition. It is stressed that the case in hand is quasi-reversible signal conversion. Besides, the signals are represented as a regular flow of uniformly quantized samples. Signal recovery is realized by Lagrange interpolating polynoms, and recovery quality is estimated from the output signal uniformity view point. It is demonstrated that the only requirement to input signal is their differentiability. Thus, the results of the study can be successfully applied to a wide class of signals encountered in measuring and telemetric systems.

It is shown that the relative values of the optimal transformation parameters does not depend on the signals dynamics, which is utterly important from the viewpoint of practical use of ADCs. Recommendations are given on the selection of ADCs optimal parameters.

While selecting ADC parameters we studied instrumental errors and system-wide indicators of their effectiveness.

In conclusion, we described the procedure of the ADCs selection and gave an example of practical use of this procedure.


minimizing the amount of data, analog-digital converters, the selection of the analog-digital converters, the point of optimum parameters, the search of the transition to the top


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