The use of modified Petri nets to the modeling process post-flight analysis telemetry data

System analysis, control and data processing


Shmelev V. V.*, Manuilov Y. S.**

Mlitary spaсe Aсademy named after A.F. Mozhaisky, Saint Petersburg, Russia



The article presents evaluation of the approach to complex technological processes modeling. The approach under evaluation consists in using the graph model of a technological process. Such model is developed based on modified Petri net, and provides the possibility of controlling the trajectory of the developing process. The ramification of the technological process development is provided by indicating, controlling and controlled positions. A distinctive feature of this approach is the possibility of implementing not only temporal control of the processes, but an event-driven technological control as well. With such kind of control the processes are measured by the milestones of meaningful events related to the other processes. In addition, the approach allows parametric control, when the process is measured in the degree of compensation subject to control discrepancies between their current settings and specified (projected) parameters. Thus, the proposed approach compares favorably to the widespread method of modeling processes, when using a process model in a recursive manner.

It seems appropriate to consider the characteristics of this approach using еру concrete technological process of the space industry. As such, it is proposed to use the process of post-flight analysis of telemetry data received during the preparation, launch and flight of the carrier rocket Soyuz-2.

Under consideration are the urgent tasks and advanced features of special software-aided planning and control of technological processes of processing and analysis of measurement information obtained by the results from the telemetry of the carrier rocket at the stages of preparation, launch and flight to the launch site. Critically marked shortcomings of the existing solutions, the cause of which are used as a model of technological processes namely in a recursive model.

The whole process of post-flight sequential analysis of the information is decomposed into the processes of several levels. The article shows straightforwardly the procedure for creating a model of the analysis of only one flight performance, namely, of the propulsion booster based on the proposed approach. We present a modified Petri net, modeling the process under consideration. Modification of classical Petri nets means the introduction of a hierarchy of colored network chips and new network elements: transitions—procedures, predicate transitions, as well as input and output positions of the network.

The proposed approach can be implemented to create the information technology of automated control process of processing and analysis of measurement data of complex technical objects.

Successful practical testing confirms the sufficient adequacy of the processes modeled with this approach to real technological processes in the application domain of analysis of measurement information in space industry.


modeling of technological processes, Petri nets, telemetric information, the carrier rocket Soyuz-2


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