Offline-capable fault-tolerant client Web applications for Earth remote sensing data access

Mathematica modeling, numerical technique and program complexes


Ginzburg I. B.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



This paper presents a new method of Web applications operation for the National Geographically Distributed Information System for Remote Sensing Data Receiving, Processing, Archiving and Dissemination (ETRIS DZZ) that extends the possibilities of this system. The proposed method is based on implementation of the software solution called offline-capable fault-tolerant Web application (autonomous web application, AWA) into the client-server system interaction process.

The main feature of the proposed AWA is the ability to preserve all the information (both downloaded from Web server and received from user input) as long as it is needed.

AWA provides a qualitative and quantitative advantages over traditional Web application. Quality advantages are: the possibility to work offline with information downloaded from the Web server and automatic updating of locally stored data; the possibility of an emergency backup of user input and automatic shipping of the stored user input data to the Web server when the connection to the server is restored. Quantitative benefits are: reduction of the network traffic; reduction of Web page loading waiting time.

Software-information AWA complex based on the proposed method, in contrast to its predecessors, is fully compliant to requirements of: cross-platform, fault tolerance and autonomy. This allows end users to consume a variety of terminal devices (including stationary and mobile devices) and data channels (including any local area networks and public wired and wireless Internet connections) for ETRIS DZZ Earth remote sensing data access without risks of losing user input data or having inoperative application in case of connection failures between client and server.


geoservice, client applications for Earth remote sensing data access systems, offline-capable web applications


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