Multicriteria algorithm of decision-making in the system of information security for the objects of civil aviation

Methods and systems of information protection, information security


Korotkova T. .

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



The problem of data protection in the aviation systems is considered. The system description of security hazard sources for objects of civil aviation is presented. There are threats of privacy violation, information integrity violation, and malfunction of the system. Hazardous exposures can be accidental and deliberate. All in all the threats are classified as internal and external. The system approach to the description of the information security leads to the problem of information security system synthesis. This problem involves revealing of the protected information, the system of threats and channels of information leakage, assessment of vulnerability and risks, definition of requirements for information security, selection of protection means and security management. To provide the information security system synthesis, a hierarchical system of decision-making is proposed as well as an algorithm based on expert evaluation. Other features of the system are the multicriteriality and the presence of the uncertainties. The decision-making flowchart includes information types, the system of threats, selection of quality indicators, information classification by units of operations, formation of generic quality indicators of protective system. Quality indicators of information protection are arrayed by operation units and threat types. As result the dimension of the problem and the number of possible choices are reduced. The components of the matrix depend on vectors which elements are the uncertain parameters. They are implemented to perform the operation of maximization. The operation of minimization is carried out by the control variables, which define the protection factors. The best option of protection is provided on the principle of the guaranteed result. This option is obtained on the base of the minimax estimation. To obtain optimum solutions the principle of the Pareto cooperative equilibrium is used. Verification is carried out based on computer experiment. A set of procedures of Delphi expert estimation method is applied. The method has three components: intuitive-logical analysis of the problem, decision and delivery of quantitative and qualitative estimates, data processing by a software module and derivation of the final estimate of the degree of information protection. The core modules of the program are Connection module, Administrator module, Users module, Estimates module, Reports module, Authentication module, and Results module.


aviation system, algorithm, information protection system, uncertainty condition, hierarchical structure, multicriteriality


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