Prognostic of the aircraft radio-electronic equipment health

Radio engineering, including TV systems and devices


Zakirov R. G.

Tashkent State Technical University named after Abu Raikhon Beruni, 2, University str., Tashkent,100095, Uzbekistan



Presently different methods of flight safety management system are developed. One of the most important methods is a prognostic method based on predicting the occurrence of a situation. The prognostic method of flight safety management system is widely implemented in the diagnosis of aircraft systems health monitoring. This article reviews the diagnostic methods of forecasting technical condition of avionics equipment, a probabilistic method and numerical analysis method.

The probabilistic prognostic method allows to determine the probability of keeping a healthy state of the object of technical diagnostics, or vice versa, the probability of coming of inoperable conditions of avionics.

In Generally, probabilistic prognostic methods are very time-consuming, difficult to algorithmization. In addition, they require knowledge of the statistical characteristics of the electronic equipment, which is not always possible. In this case it is often more appropriate to apply the methods of numerical analysis.

The numerical analysis methods allow for forecasting technical condition without taking into account the probability of failure of elements belonging to the object of diagnosis (and other probability characteristics of electronic equipment). The availability of data about the previous conditions of aircraft radio-electronic equipment is required.

Based on abovementioned it is can be concluded that using of the appropriate mathematical apparatus makes it is possible the diagnostic data to estimate not only the current state of the aircraft radio-electronic equipment, but also to make its prediction state. At the same time as the mathematical apparatus is advisable to use a probabilistic method and numerical analysis. The main difference between these methods is that the probabilistic method takes into account the probability of each element of the system failure for calculating of the overall system failure probability. A numerical method does not take into account the probability of failure of the system elements, and is based on the analysis of the previous condition of the equipment.

In the district of applying the method allows to implement the principle of predictive safety management, as well as the economic effect of avoiding downtime of the aircraft due to a sudden failure of avionics.


diagnostics, prognostics, probabilistic method of prognostics, numerical analysis method of prognostics


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