Soviet government economic policy peculiarities in the middle of XX century

Social sciences


Welmogko I. N.


The article "Soviet government economic policy peculiarities in the middle of XX century" provides the analysis of the main tendencies of the economic development in the USSR in the past century. The alteration of economic policy starts with the attempt to limit the heavy industry production amounts, to increase the production rates of the national consumption goods and the acceleration of the farming development in the country, which for the long period served a non-repayable donor of the industry. The economic policy priorities shift and orientation on social development favored life conditions of Russian people to increase. However economic persisted to develop unevenly and extensively, attempts to reform we inconsistent being purely administrative in nature.


the administrative in nature, the alteration of economic policy, the main tendencies of the economic, the priorities, the farming development, the production rates, the heavy industry production, the social development, the economic, the economic policy, the economic development, extensively

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