Micro gas turbine engine test bench development

Thermal engines, electric propulsion and power plants for flying vehicles


Bolkhovitin M. S.*, Borovikov D. A.**, Ionov A. V.***, Seliverstov S. D.****

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia

*e-mail: brakoner@list.ru
**e-mail: deman.994@ya.ru
***e-mail: woln@mail.ru
****e-mail: seliverstovsd@mai.ru


This article is devoted to problems of development and experimental studies of micro-jet engines (micro gas turbine engine with a thrust of up to 1000N). The main focus is a test bench for engines of this class.

During the project are solving the following tasks:

  • Creation of 3D models of parts and assemblies of micro-jet engine;

  • Development of methodology for calculating the micro-jet engine;

  • Creation of a test bench for the micro-jet engine;

  • Technological solutions development for manufacture and assembly of micro-jet engine;

  • Software development.

Presently, the authors are carrying out researches of designed micro-jet engines with thrust 100N and 400N using created test bench. The test bench works on the research of regime parameters of engines, as well as working out the design of the engine.

Test bench consist of a mechanical part, movable rails for fixing the engine, test bench control system and measurement system.

Test bench control system allows providing power to other systems: fuel pump, valves, measurement system, as well as start and ignition systems. Regulation is carried out by single parameter — fuel consumption.

The measurement system includes: speed sensor, temperature sensor, fuel consumption sensor and thrust sensor. Test control and data collection are automated and are conducted by LabView environment.

Engine is mounted on rails for ease of moving and assembly / disassembly, as well as allowing of its moving in the axial direction during thrust.

Also, during 400N engine experimental research, defined it starting diagram, recorded correlation between fuel consumption and thrust. A test launch of 400N engine allows verifying it numerical model. Based on this verifies, for engines up to 1000N calculation software, is under developing.


Micro-jet engine, centrifugal compressor, test bench


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