Advanced onboard means to confirm the accuracy characteristics of systems for remote sensing of the earth

Information and measuring and control systems


Karpunin D. N.

Central Research Institute of Machine Building, 4, Pionerskaya st., Korolev, Moscow region, 141070, Russia



The questions of creation of a highly stable promising means to confirm the performance of optoelectronic equipment for remote sensing at the stages of flight test and operation during the active lifetime of the spacecraft, which provide the possibility of high-precision onboard calibration with traceability to national standards. The objects of research are models of onboard black bodies based on phase transitions of high-purity substances and their eutectic compounds, which build to confirm the accuracy characteristics of remote sensing equipment in the infrared spectral range, as well as highly stable detectors that measure external influencing factors around the spacecraft area. Creation of highly stable onboard equipment is based on unique property of substances in the process of phase transitions, as well as a special design for the required characteristics. Theoretical and experimental research, including microgravity, was conducted. As a result, found that the physical principles and design features underlying the work of emitters allow to ensure the traceability of measurement results to national standards, the compensation of the temperature dependence of sensor equipment will provide the reliable data on the measurement object, namely, the state of its own outer atmosphere of the spacecraft. Development of advanced tools onboard calibration confirmation of the accuracy characteristics of remote sensing equipment will deliver the required level of output quality.

The results are used to implement the requirements of international and national standards, which are needed to confirm the accuracy characteristics during operation, what is currently not provided with the required metrological characteristics. Creating a promising onboard calibration means for verification accuracy characteristics of remote sensing equipment will ensure the achievement of the required level of quality of the data and improve their competitiveness.


onboard emitter, a phase transition, model of a black body, onboard calibration, temperature dependence


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