Low – profile wideband antenna with improve pattern, using artificial magnetic conductors (AMC) surface ground

Antennas, SHF-devices and technologies


Izmaylov A. A.*, Volkov A. P.**

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia

*e-mail: yustas1993@yandex.ru
**e-mail: alexander.p.volkov@gmail.com


Active antennas’ array are the main type of perspective aviation and space radar complex of different appointment, with the wideband of working frequencies, consist of vibrator systems, which located over the metal screen. One of the important parameters either for aircrafts and for space systems - is profile height of antenna. As for aircraft, it is important to protect aerodynamics of airplane, for space systems, it is important for compact location antenna inside fairing.

The perspective method of lowering the profile height is using periodical microwave composite structures with parameters of artificial magnetic conductors (AMC).

AMC structures working in the quasi-static field (wave length more than period of structure) and defined by equivalent parameters in quasi-static approximation. The tangent component of magnetic field on AMC structure is equal to zero, and reflective coefficient is +1.

The paper presents the composite L – a band structures to improve characteristics of antenna’s system. AMCs have been chosen as design concept of the baseline array element due to the significant size of reduction they can offer.

Although the majority of satellite communications operates at frequencies above L-band, there are interesting opportunities for satellite communications in the very high frequency (VHF)/ultra-high frequency (UHF) spectrum.

A standard printed square patch has been selected as reference low-profile element. The binary patch emitter was chosen to improve the directive characteristics of antenna. Desiged antenna has the lateral dimension of 14 millimeters (0.093λ0), staying wave ratio below 2, and directivity 10 dB, working band of frequency is 40%. Traditional case of location vibrator over AMC surface compared with developed antenna.


wideband antenna, low – profile antenna, artificial magnetic conductor (AMC), directivity pattern


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