Possibilities of application of multifrequency quasinoise signals in the conditions of conducting radio engineering intelligence by the opponent

Radiolocation and radio navigation


Boev S. F.1*, Zyuzin A. V.2**, Kostrykin P. A.2***, Khaibutov K. E.2****, Khaibutov M. E.2*****

1. Group of Companies «RTI», 10/1, 8 Marta str., Moscow, 127083, Russia
2. Higher Military School of Air Defense, 28, Moskovsky avenue, Yaroslavl, 150001, Russia

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*****e-mail: mkhaybutov@bk.ru


The purpose of article is assessment of reserve and consideration of a possibility of application of multifrequency quasinoise signals in reserved radio engineering systems in the conditions of conducting radio engineering investigation by the opponent.

On the basis of a mathematical model of the broadband multi-frequency quasinoise signal synthesized with use of conversion of Jacobi-Angera in article the method of formation of the considered broadband signal realized on the modern element basis is considered. It is shown that generation of a multi-frequency signal is carried out on the basis of the harmonic phase shift keying of basic narrow-band accidental process which is rather just realized in practice with normal distribution of the instantaneous values, by expansion in a row on Bessel functions of the first kind.

The multi-frequency quasinoise signal described in article in the form of a pica of a body of uncertainty in the required intervals on time of delay and on the Doppler shift on frequency is close to a noise signal. For certain initial conditions — equality of a band of the initial narrow-band accidental process and frequency of phase harmonic shift keying, the range of a multi-frequency quasinoise signal becomes continuous and shumobodobny.

The dependences of assessment of an index of Lyapunov and probability of disclosure of a signal structure on frequency change of phase shift keying of MCh KSh of a signal calculated by means of simulation modeling in case of the modified interpolation method allow to conclude that in case of increase in frequency of phase shift keying there is a rise of values of the considered index and reduction of probability of disclosure of structure of a signl. It occurs in connection with proportional broad banding of frequencies of the occupied MCh KSh a signal. Application of multi-frequency quasinoise signals of big duration and occupying the considerable frequency band will allow to increase reserve of operation of radar station in the conditions of guiding by the opponent of radio engineering investigation, saving at the same time high resolution capability on range and speed.


noise radar technology, multifrequency quasinoise signals, reserve of radio engineering systems, probability of disclosure of structure of a signal


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