The Problems of Optimization of Satellite Systems Motion: State of Research and Prospects


Mozhaev G. V.

Military Academy of Air - Space Defense, 50, Zhigareva, 170022, Tver, Russia



The tasks of optimization of nominal orbital structures of satellite systems are examined in the paper. Attention is given to the ways of formulating the tasks whose major components are models of dynamically stable orbital structures under optimization and quality criteria aimed to attain different goals. The paper discusses the results obtained by other authors researching into the tasks of optimization of nominal orbital structures. Further research directions are outlined in the paper.
The tasks of optimization of the processes of flexible correction of satellite systems are examined. Flexibility of correction means that its purpose is to bring the parameters of relative satellites motion to nominal values. For the cases when correction is performed by means of low-thrust engines, analytical solutions of tasks for different types of flexibility have been found by methods of the group presentation theory.


Satellite system; orbit; optimization of motion

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