Automation of operations of traceability of integrated structures quality in the manufacture of VLSIs

Automation of technological processes and production control


Smirnov K. K.

Scientific Research Institute of System Analysis, 36/1, Nakhimovsky av., Moscow, 117218, Russia



Nowadays the quality of modern integrated circuits is considered as a complex indicator, which depends on production operations metrology support and improvement of technological process. The modern development of microelectronics with wide miniaturization solutions complicates control technology, measuring and testing of VLSI integration. Moreover, it requires constant improvement of the technological way of manufacture, technological solutions in the design of the production tools, creation of new instruments of monitoring and evaluation parameters, as well as the tightening of the shop rates and the transition to higher levels of automation of production processes.
The article considers the problem of traceability of subjects of labor in performing functional control of VLSI in terms of production. To solve this problem the author developed special application-dependent software that provides traceability of subjects of labor and carrying out the process, analysis and presentation of results. The author presents examples of the analysis of measurements, and the solution of a number of production targets.
The software developed by the author solves the following tasks of traceability:
— Saving test results on all process stages with reference to serial numbers of products and accompanying documentation;
— Providing the staff of various departments with a uniform access to the measured data;
— Providing opportunities to combine measuring equipment located in different areas in order to form a common information space;
— Providing an opportunity to observe the results of the measuring equipment on a real-time basis;
— Providin a common graphical interface in various process stages;
— Provide the ability to analyze measurement results during various process stages and compare them;
— Providing the opportunity to conduct a correlation analysis of measured parameters on various process stages in order to identify potentially unreliable VLSI.


microchips, traceability, microcircuits testing, software, functional control


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