Innovative production life cycle processes quality management on basis of computer aided quality management system

CAD systems


Deniskin Y. I.1*, Dubrovin A. V.1**, Podkolzin V. G.2***

1. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia
2. Scientific and Methodological Center “Norm”, 24, Petrovka str., build. 1, Moscow, 127051, Rossia



The article describes the work on semantic analysis of terms and definitions of national and international standards for quality management. Construction of semantic maps graphically displays the types of information flows within the information system for lifecycle processes quality management.

The trend of increasing the number of applications of digital manufacturing enforces to develop new approaches in the field of quality and competitiveness of products. This kind of manufacturing is a relatively new and isn’t explored yet on domestic enterprises wide enough.

Objective. Providing an integrated life cycle processes quality management of innovative products within digital manufacturing on basis of the computer aided information support.

Subject of research — quality of innovative product lifecycle processes within digital manufacturing.

Research methods. The research was performed using methods of the system analysis, graph theory, the principles of total quality management, expertise of quality control, methods of functional modeling (IDEF0), FMEA methodology, universal CASE-tools.

Practical value of the work is to create an integrated information support tools for the designing and integrated lifecycle process management on the basis of the fundamental requirements of national and international standards in the field of lifecycle support and quality management, in accordance with the specifics of automated enterprise management systems (ERP).

Developed functional and information models may serve as a basis for the rational designing of enterprise process model and for the innovative enterprises structure management.

Designed qualitative methods for evaluating the quality of the life cycle processes within digital manufacturing make it possible to provide information support for quality management system foundation (control, management, maintenance, improvement, planning) within digital manufacturing.


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