Radio-pulse signals interaction with anisotropic media above hydrocarbon deposits

Antennas, SHF-devices and technologies


Yanushkevich V. F.

Polotsk State University, 29, Blokhin str., Novopolotsk, 211440, Belarus



The article analyzes the interaction of electromagnetic waves in radio-pulse signals mode with the medium above hydrocarbon deposits. Tensor of the dielectric permittivity constant of an anisotropic medium over the deposit in the mode of radio-pulse signals is derived by means of a quasi-hydrodynamic approach using multi-particle electron-ion currents. The study was carried out based on the solution of the electron motion equation. Hilbert transform was employed to find the envelope and instantaneous frequency of the two acting signals. The components of the medium’s dielectric permittivity constant above hydrocarbons were analyzed. Selection of the radio-pulse signals’ frequencies was stipulated by determining characteristics of media over deposits at great depths compared to the earth surface. It is shown that the results of the study can be used to identify the environment over deposits by the nature and magnitude of the total and differential components of the dielectric permittivity constant of the anisotropic layer. The tensor of the dielectric constant of the anisotropic medium over the hydrocarbon deposit in the radio-pulse signals mode can be used to determine the electrodynamic characteristics of the medium above the deposit in a wide range of probed signals’ frequencies, dielectric permittivity and conductivity of the media. The studies can be applied to determine characteristics of the medium over the deposit under the propagation of electromagnetic waves with right and left-hand circular polarizations, which increases the informative value of the methods of contouring and the hydrocarbon deposits allocation. The propagation of electromagnetic waves with left-hand polarization while changing the dielectric constant of the medium leads to the alteration in the combination component with a change in the sign of the differential component. Thus, it can be used to develop methods of electromagnetic exploration, search and identification of hydrocarbon deposits. Electromagnetic methods of hydrocarbon search and identification can be updated due to the received information on objects through not only one or two information channels but also using larger quantity of them, which enables their boundaries to be identified against the background of the underlying environment with a sufficiently high level of certainty. The results of the study can be applied in geophysics search.


radio-pulse signal, anisotropic medium, hydrocarbon deposit, electromagnetic reconnaissance methods


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