The new TsAGI research helicopter simulator VPS-5

Dynamics, ballistics, movement control of flying vehicles


Borisov A. E.*, Leont'ev V. A.*, Rubinshteyn M. A.*, Rusakov I. V.*

Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky, TsAGI, 1, Zhukovsky str., Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, 140180, Russia



This article describes briefly the new research helicopter simulator at TsAGI intended to conducting researches in helicopter flight dynamics. The simulator uses the helicopter flight dynamics model developed in TsAGI and has several significant features distinct from that of other research simulators in Russia.

Its 8-channel projective visualizing system has semi-spherical screen up with viewing angles up to 200 degrees along horizon, 50 degrees above horizon and 60 degrees below the horizon with side view. The latter is very important to research take-off and landing operations from small area surfaces.

The simulator has fixed one-seat pilot cabin with interactive displays imitating cabin gauges and indicators, and realistic pilot controls identical to controls of civil helicopter Mi-8.

The Moog’s 4-channel digital electro-mechanic control loading system (CLS) is attached to cyclic pitch stick, collective pitch stick and pedals. Characteristics of CLS can be adjusted either by reconfiguring the generic software application model or by developing new software application model using development libraries and environment integrated with Matlab/Simulink. CLS allows the simulator to be reconfigured to different kind of helicopter flight control systems.

The simulator is equipped with software applications that broaden the research area. ‘MFD Editor’ application allows creation of virtual indicators and control panels. ‘Local weather’ application allows to model in simulator’s world both standing and moving atmospheric areas with local weather peculiarities. There is a wide library of standing and moving virtual objects such as buildings, offshore platforms, ships allowing research of marine flight operations. The simulator can be combined with another helicopter flight simulator in TsAGI in the single virtual world.

The advanced features of new helicopter simulator allow researching a wider range of flight dynamics issues of existing and developing helicopters.


research simulator, control loading system, semi-spherical screen, marine flight operations


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