Videogrammetry system for contactless measurements of large-size objects deformation fields

Design, construction and manufacturing of flying vehicles


Kuruliuk K. A.

Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky, TsAGI, 1, Zhukovsky str., Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, 140180, Russia



Large-size engineering objects under operation are subjected to various stresses, leading to considerable deformations. Normal functioning, strength and safety of such objects is achieved through thorough studies and testing, in which methods and tools for measuring geometric motion and deformation parameters play an important role. Particularly, in recent years, the problems of deformations measuring of aircraft large-sized models and structural elements arose. One of the promising measuring methods for solving this type of problems is optical method of videogrammetry (VGM), combining modern means of optics, digital image recording, numerical image processing and mathematical analysis. High information value of the VGM method is stipulated by the fact that one image allows getting information on hundreds and thousands of points of an object simultaneously. At the same time, it was necessary to create a mobile measuring system which would not be associated with particular experimental installation or wind tunnel, and which could be quickly applied in different conditions to measure deformation of full-scale aircraft elements while their ground testsand in flight.

The purpose of this work consists in improving videogrammetry method and developing a mobile measuring videogrammetry system (VGM system) to ensure non-contact measurements and visualization of distributed deformations of large-size objects in engineering, as well as expanding this method’s application area. A step-by-step measuring technique employing one digital camera was stated and developed. A two-stage of a measuring system calibration technique was developed.

Control tests of mobile VGM system sample were carried out for measuring deformations of natural wing of a new transport aircraft sample under operating test bench conditions during industrial ground life tests. The maximum measurements distance was of 26 m. The root-mean-square error of normal deviations of points did not exceed 2.5 mm.

This work was performed within the framework of the “Development of mobile videogrammetry measuring system for operational non-contact measurements and visualization of distributed deformations” Project according to the Grant from Moscow Region Government in the fields of science, technology and innovation.


videogrammetry method, contactless measurements, life cycle tests, normal deformations, deformation fields


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