2016, no. 86


Dynamics, strength of machines, instruments and equipment

Polonik E. N., Surenskiy E. A., Fedotov A. A.

Aeronautical and Space-Rocket Engineering

Design, construction and manufacturing of flying vehicles

Vorontsov V. A., Karchaev K. Z., Martynov М. B., Primakov P. V.
Lamzin V. A.

Strength and thermal conditions of flying vehicles

Egorov I. A.
Salosina M. O.

Control and testing of flying vehicles and their systems

Galeev A. V.

Dynamics, ballistics, movement control of flying vehicles

Lunev E. M., Neretin E. S., Dyachenko S. A., Dubrovo A. I.
Filonova A. A.

Instrument making, metrology, information and measuring equipment and systems

Navigation instruments

Slesaryonok S. V., Shepet I. P., Rubinov V. I., Titov Y. P.

Optical and optical-electronic devices and complexes

Prokhorov P. D.

Radio engineering and communication

Antennas, SHF-devices and technologies

Suchkov A. V.

Systems, networks and telecommunication devices

Ivanutkin A. G., Danilin M. A., Presnyakov M. Y.

Radiolocation and radio navigation

Serkin F. B., Vazhenin N. A., Veitsel A. V.
Romanov A. S., Turlykov P. Y.

Informatics, computation engineering and management

System analysis, control and data processing

Litvinenko A. O.

CAD systems

Markin L. V., Korn G. V., Kyi M. H., Ye W. T.

Mathematica modeling, numerical technique and program complexes

Denisova I. P.

Methods and systems of information protection, information security

Gurakov M. A., Krivonosov E. O., Kostyuchenko E. Y.

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