Evaluation of dynamic-scale models loading while buffeting study

Strength and thermal conditions of flying vehicles


Azarov Y. A.*, Garifullin M. F., Chernovolov R. A.**

National Research Center "Zhukovsky Institut", 1, Zhukovsky str, Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, 140180, Russia

*e-mail: y.al.azarov@yandex.ru
**e-mail: r.chernovolov@gmail.com


The presented work considers the specifics of the selection procedure of loads, acting on the dynamic-scale model (DSM), while testing in wind tunnels (WT) at various Mach and Reynolds numbers.

The article presents the procedure of aerodynamic loads refining, acting on DSM, based on “rigid” aerodynamic models’ WT testing. Based on dynamic pressure measurements in certain points of the rigid model, distributed aerodynamic loads for cross sections, normal to the DSM wing stiffness axis, can be determined. The information on linear and rotational forces, acting on cross sections is employed while the DSM design, ensuring the structural strength with the required safety coefficient.

Recommendations for computing distributed loads acting on the DSM and determining safety margins (the safety factor required for the testings equals to four) which fulfillment is necessary while th model design and fabrication, are given.

The stages which execution will allow perform the studies in WT are listed. The goals, objectives, features, problems and advantages of the DSM studies at natural Re numbers are formulated. The DSM design and manufacture specifics using various structural-power circuits made from modern materials and using modern technologies are demonstrated.

Some problems of ensuring the required Re numbers in studies of the phenomena of unsteady aeroelasticity in WT are considered. The difference between conducting an experiment with rigid aerodynamic models and DSM, as well as with full models and semi-models is shown.


buffet, dynamic-scale model, strength, loads, aerodynamic experiment


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