About problem statement of compressor cascade vibration analysis for aeroelastic characteristics estimation

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Buyukli T. V.*, Shorstov V. A.**

Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov, CIAM, 2, Aviamotornaya str., Moscow, 111116, Russia

*e-mail: buyukli@ciam.ru
**e-mail: shorstov@ciam.ru


Investigation of unsteady disturbance in cascade, received by cylindrical surface separation of model fun blade row, is developed. Flows in cascade on choke mode and stall mode are investigated. Stationary and oscillating cross-sections are used in computations. Necessity of Flow – structure interference accounting is shown. Rotating stall initiation condition are received.


unsteady disturbance; compressor cascade; flow vibration; cross-section vibration; rotating stall


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