Mathematical model of the converter of two-polar pressure in frequency, its likelihood information at work on small pressure in the conditions of a background hindrance.

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Zaharov A. A.

State Research Institute Engineeringpace University, 125, prospekt Mira, Moscow, 129226, Russia


The mathematical description of characteristics of the converter of two-polar voltage in frequency (CTVF) in the conditions of an entrance background hindrance is considered. Mathematical model CTVF is constructed at use of characteristics of unipolar converters. On wasps-novanii of this model population mathematical expectations (МE) target frequency CTVF (depending on a constant component of entrance voltage) and extreme values of a deviation of this frequency from МE are received. It is spent linearization expressions МE for small entrance signals.


mathematical model, the converter of two-polar voltage in frequency, the converter of unipolar voltage in frequency, small entrance voltage, work in the conditions of a background hindrance, residual (or target) frequency, the likelihood information, average frequency, a population mean, values of deviations, the gauge of the angular speed, dynamically adjusted gyroscope

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