Aging and structure-change processes in proton-exchange waveguides in lithium niobate crystals

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Zhundrikov A. V., Kichigin V. I., Petukhov I. V., Shevtsov D. I.

Perm State University, 15, Bukirev str., Perm, 614990, Russia


Time variations of the refraction index of proton-exchanged guiding layers on lithium niobate (X cut), which reflect slow aging (stabilization) processes in waveguides, were studied by mode spectroscopy technique. Structural changes in channel proton-exchanged waveguides after long-term stabilization (3 years) were studied by wet chemical etching of proton-exchanged layers and 3D profilometry.


optical waveguide, lithium niobate, proton, exchange, aging of proton-exchanged waveguides.

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