Simulating distributed and fractional distributed processes and control systems by the spectral method in engineering calculation software

Control systems


Rybin V. V.



Presently various mathematical computer-oriented systems and their extension packages are used to simulate control systems by the spectral method. Modern technologies such as a fractal methodology in various applications (for example, dynamical systems) generate the new electronic components. These component models contain fractional integral and differential operators. In this paper the spectral method is applied for simulating distributed and fractional distributed processes and control systems. To simulate such systems the MLSY_SM extension package for Mathcad was modified. We demonstrate the MLSY_SM extension package to solve the anomalous diffusion equation and to simulate automatic control systems of a nuclear power plant with fractional PID controller.


non-stationary automatic control systems; spectral form of the mathematical description; mathematical computer-oriented systems; fractional integral and differential units; anomalous diffusion; nuclear power plant.

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