Thermal cycling tests of spaceborne fourier-transform spectrometer of high spectral resolution

Space technics and technology


Monakhov D. O.

Keldysh Research Centre, 8, Onezhskaya str., Moscow, 125438, Russia


This paper proposes an integrated method for providing the thermal tests of spaceborne equipment. The method allows revealing of additional valid failure modes and provides more complete test results` analyses, than the point estimate. In order to implement the method the special instrument is created – the “Resource” installation. The effectiveness of the installation is confirmed by conduction of tests of three specimens of IKFS-2 instruments of a total duration over 8 thousand hours. The installation represents the conditions of sealed housing of Meteor-M spacecraft, including the heat transfer intensity, which provides the full modeling of real-life operating conditions.


IKFS-2; Meteor-M; parametric reliability; spaceborne fourier-transform spectrometer; ground tests; thermal tests.

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