Charge model of thin polymer films with an electron beam with 80 keV electron energy

Mathematics. Physics. Mechanics


Pashentsev V. N.


Charging model of the dielectric thin film by electron beam is based on currents balance in the dielectric: charging current of absorbed electrons and discharging current of space charge electric field of accumulated electron. During electron irradiation dielectric discharge is facilitated by the fact that the dielectric irradiation conductivity is increased by several orders of magnitude compared to the dielectric conductivity before irradiation. The calculations of the electric field in the dielectric film which is charged by a pulsed electron beam with an energy of 80 keV, average current density of 0.1 µA/cm2 and dose rate 670 Gy/s are presented in the paper. Dielectric charging depends on the ratio of electron mean free path and film thickness, surface, dose rate, the secondary electron emission from the film surface and the irradiation conductivity.


polymer films, electron beam, irradiation conductivity, dielectric charging, electrical breakdown

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