Signaling of orientation of the standing wave, developed by capacitor gages, in a wave solid-state gyroscope

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Zaharov A. A.

State Research Institute Engineeringpace University, 125, prospekt Mira, Moscow, 129226, Russia


The analysis of formation and passage of signals of orientation of a standing wave on sinus and cosines to channels from the resonator to analog-digital converters (АЦП) in a wave solid-state gyroscope (ВТГ) is carried out at motionless basis ВТГ. Using electric analog of mathematical model of the condenser of variable capacity and a symbolical method of calculation of electric chains, analytical dependences of signals on inputs of buffer amplifiers from parameters of measuring chains of capacitor gages are found at their food from sources constant and an alternating voltage. Expressions of signals of orientation from exits АЦП taking into account presence of deviations of factors of transfer and zero signals of intermediate blocks are received. Research of influence of the specified errors on a periodic error of measurement of a corner of orientation of a standing wave is conducted.


an integrating wave solid-state gyroscope, a corner of position (orientation) of a standing wave, a methodical periodic error, a signal, capacitor gages of radial moving of a cover of the resonator, the buffer amplifier, the differential amplifier-adder, the synchronous detector, the analog-digital converter.

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