Expression of a methodical error of measurement by a wave solid-state gyroscope with differentiation

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Zaharov A. A.

State Research Institute Engineeringpace University, 125, prospekt Mira, Moscow, 129226, Russia


Measurements by separate channels of integrating wave solid-state gyroscopes with differentiation (VTG-IGD) with the task of constant angular speed ( ) have found out a periodic hindrance with a prevailing harmonic, the amplitude and which frequency are proportional . Such phenomenon can be caused poor-quality formation and (or) transformation of the signals arriving from gages of a corner ( ) positions of a standing wave on two channels. Thus target signals can functionally look like: Аs=А1•sin2 + c1, Ac=A2•сos2 + c2, also there is a periodic error ( ). It is shown that the amplitude of a harmonic sin4 is proportional |А1–А2|/(А1+А2). Functions of the measured corners and (turn of the basis of a gyroscope) from and dependences of the measured corners , increments of a corner , speed of change on time are received at the task . The analysis of skilled parameters of a hindrance is carried out.


a methodical error, the periodic hindrance, the integrating wave solid-state gyroscope integrating a wave solid-state gyroscope with digital differentiation, the measured (counted up) values, a corner of position of a standing wave, an angle of rotation, angular speed.

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