Universal control unit for ground-based debugging complex’s storage array

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems


Kordover K. A.*, Zhdanov A. A.**, Danilov A. M.***


*e-mail: k.a.kordover@mai.ru
**e-mail: spbrothers@inbox.ru
***e-mail: danilovcanek@gmail.com


Debugging and modeling of complex processing devices based on field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) using specialized computer-aided design (CAD) programs can be a time-consuming process. Ground-based debugging complex (GBDC) is developed to accelerate the debugging of the FPGA designs based on custom hardware. The devices debugged by GBDC may include storage units with various interfaces and memory organization. At the same time GBDC array of storage devices consists of memory chips that have strictly defined structure and parameters and can’t be reconfigured or replaced afterwards. Therefore, it proposes to use some means for emulation of memory chips used by device being debugged. For this purpose the universal control unit for ground-based debugging complex storage array is developed and described in this paper.
The paper dwells on the control unit organization, its block diagram and functions of device components. The control unit is located between a device being debugged and the ground-based debugging complex storage array. The device being debugged interacts with the control unit as its own memory storage. In order to simplify the development process and further upgrade and reconfiguration the functions of the control unit are separated between three modules. The first one is a module operating with the device being debugged, the second one is a module operating with GBDC storage array, and the third module is to test GBDC storage array.
Thus, in the paper the basic requirements for the control unit are formed. Furthermore, the block diagram of control unit, the functions of its components and the communication protocols were developed. The results can be used for a further implementation of the universal control unit.


ground-based debugging complex, universal control unit, emulator, fpga, storage array, march tests


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