Theory and algorithms for calculation of elevation angles of aircraft position relative to ground target

Control and navigation systems


Belskiy A. B.1*, Choban V. M.2**

1. ,
2. National Helicopter Center Mil & Kamov, 26/1, Garshina str., Tomilino, Moscow region, 140070, Russia



The paper describes the possible ways of usage of standard coordinate system for piloting and orientation of aircraft and objects under observation.
The topic of the article is the theory and algorithms of elevation angles calculation for determination of aircraft position relative to ground target.
Operating of military aircraft connects with determination geodesic position for quick detection and connection targets to the map. The information about aircraft position, direction target line of sight allows detect the target position and auto-tracking by means of algorithmic computation.
There were used methods of mathematical and algorithmic description in the proposed article.
As a result of the work the system concept for determination of target position relative to aircraft, aircraft coordinates correction relative to object under observation position determination and auto-tracking, when the full infoware is not available or in case of the trouble with the aircraft system, were developed.
Algorithmic methods suggested in the article allow to correct aircraft self-contained INS when GPS data are absent; define coordinates of objects under observation without range information if elevation data are available; and auto-track selected object with certain geodesic coordinates according to information about aircraft position.
The results of this work are useful for air force and helicopters.


coordinate system, coordinate transformation, correction aircraft coordinate, target designation, tracking of targets


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