Controlling of aircraft turbofan transient rating. Fuel distribution to main combustion chamber collectors

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Korolev V. V.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



This article examines modern or perspective turbofan engine for multipurpose maneuverable aircraft.
In this kind of engine, the ratio between fuel consumption at maximum rating and at ground idle is approximately 50. Therefore it is necessary to apply multi-collector combustion chamber.
The subject of this article is controlling of aircraft turbofan transient rating and fuel distributing to main combustion chamber collectors.
The purpose is to minimize the time of full acceleration; to improve the air-to-fuel performance; to improve the completeness of fuel combustion at steady-state rating.
There were analyzed the rules of fuel distributing to main combustion chamber collectors accomplished by standard (serial) fuel distributor. Defects of this scheme (design) were discovered. There were analyzed all the important influences on characteristics of transient rating and full acceleration of turbofan. There were analyzed the restrictions on choosing method of fuel distribution to the main combustion chamber collectors.
The preferable rules of fuel distribution to the main combustion chamber collectors were chosen. There was developed a structure of digital gas turbine power plant control system which is able to accomplish this kind of fuel distribution.
The results can be applied for aircraft turbofan engine controlling by full authority digital electronics (FADEC). The implication of the proposed control system structure is advisable for multi-collectors main combustion chamber and fuel batcher digital control system.
The developed structure allows to reduce the time of full acceleration up to the modern standards; to avoid working with unfilled main consumption collector; to improve the air-to-fuel performance and completeness of fuel combustion at steady-state rating.


GTE, transition process, multilink control, fuel to combustion chamber


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