Methodical approach to estimating the competitiveness of commercialspace rocket hardware

Economics and management


Galkevich I. A.

Organization Agate, 18/1, Butyrsky Val str., Moscow, 125047, Russia



Historically, the development of the domestic aerospace industry did not imply the use of market mechanisms to regulate the nomenclature and volumes of space rocketry, with issues of competitiveness of products in the domestic and international market is not a priority. However, currently, while maintaining priority meet state needs to create SRH as a prerequisite acts competitiveness of their products in the global market space . This condition is necessary for the preservation and development of the space industry as an independent high-tech industry.
Upon reaching the desired result implementation of the current strategy of development of space industry for the period 2015 to the space industry should be provided with the release profile production has the technical level corresponding to the best world standards rocket and space technology.
To determine the extent to which the objectives of the analysis of the technical level and competitiveness created SRH .The technical level is a system of indicators that characterize the qualitative properties of the product, the overall efficiency of its technical systems and compliance with the best world analogues.
The main methods of evaluation of the technical level of aerospace hardware include:
— Method of specific indicators . Apply to products characterized by a fairly complete one or more basic performance characteristics (starting weight, power capacity , the number of transponders resolution electro-optical equipment , etc.);
— Ball method . Used when it is impossible to distinguish the main (basic) technical parameter . Based on expert significance of the technical parameters of the product;
— The method of integral multiplicative indicators. Based on determining the effect of a set of basic technical characteristics of the product on the efficiency of its operation.
In general, the application of the methods considered complex allows to determine the technical level of developed and manufactured products RKT , track time dynamics of their development , and to assess their competitiveness against foreign counterparts.


aerospace technology, spacecraft, space platform, performance characteristics, the technical level of competitiveness


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