Audit of management systems of economic objects in aviation industry

Economics and management


Novikov A. N.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



Subject of research
ERP-systems of aircraft machinery industry
Object of study
Industry: aircraft machinery
Object the aviation industry of Russia.
The theme of the study: «Audit Of Management Systems Of Economic Objects In Aviation Industry».
To develop and improve the technology of audit of automatic enterprise management systems (ERP-systems audit) of aircraft machinery industry in order to enhance the quality of management of aviation enterprises.
Problems to be solved in the course of achieving the goal
— Development of the directions of ERP-systems audit of aviation enterprises;
— The development of the methodology for ERP-systems audit in different aspects, such as information system itself, the technology infrastructure of ERP-systems, information security in ERP-systems and the performance of the IT-department in aviation enterprise;
— Identification of the industrial specialty of the aviation enterprises’ ERP-systems audit;
— Development of the recommendations for the contents of the aviation enterprises’ ERP-systems audit results.
Method of work
The research methodology is based on the provisions and principles of the theory of industrial organization, functional analysis, general management theory.
Information support of the study
The researches, made in aviation enterprises.
The data, gathered during the collaboration with several aviation enterprises; the data from the open sources, periodical literature and Internet.
Scientific novelty (the results)
Scientific innovation is contained in the development of methodological concept of automatic enterprise management systems’ audit for economic objects of aviation industry, the development of audit directions, the contents of works, fulfilled during the aviation enterprise ERP-systems audit.


management system of economic object, information security, IT-audit, effectiveness of management system


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